A Window Manufacturing Company Is Most Often Selected Based On Recommendations.

And the most reliable suppliers of window systems are the companies that have their own manufactures or are official partners of well-known profile manufacturers.

Our company is just another proof to this statement. According to the statistics we accumulated through the many years of sales, more than 63% of our clients turn back to us again later, or recommend our services to relatives, friends, acquaintances and neighbours.

We started our own manufacture in 2002.

The reliability of our manufacture is proven not only by our presence in the market for over 10 years already, but also by the fact that we are authorized partners of REHAU.

It is a great honour and responsibility to be an authorized partner. We control the quality of the manufactured products daily and pass the mandatory yearly certification of REHAU, since using a profile of a world-known brand does not guarantee by itself the high quality of a window.  

In line with the “Program for Certified Partners”, REHAU performs audit for the manufacture quality and grants the right to use the “REHAU QUALITY” label.

Going through such audit regularly, means that the manufacture has implemented the corresponding quality management system, which guarantees a decent level of windows manufacture and installation.

Sustaining the high level of quality requires significant efforts from an enterprise, and we are proud to have been granted this right for many years in a row.

For the many recent years of successful work, many renowned sites (both in Kyiv and around the country) have become the hallmarks of “Vikna-Style” trademark:

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Red Campus and the Library of the National University named after T.H. Shevchenko, the National Bank of Ukraine, Agrarian Fund and many others.

Thanks to the wide possibilities of REHAU profile systems, and to the many years of experience in manufacture, we produce reliable constructions that look esthetic both in modern and in historical architecture. 

We take each order individually, no matter if it is a small kitchen window or glazing for a large cottage settlement. We are ready to make a design mockup for your (or to manufacture the construction based on your own mockup), since the constructive capabilities of our products are virtually unlimited. These are arched and cuspidate constructions, multi-angle and trapezoidal, with a vertical bar (for multi-sash windows) or without it, symmetrical or asymmetrically separated constructions. 
Availability of special angle joining and reinforcing profiles allows making bay constructions of high complexity, as well as unfolding systems, which is of special importance for private houses and modern houses with non-standard architectural solutions for facades. 

All translucent constructions can be made in various combinations of light and décor using special laminating films that simulate even rich woods. In addition to manufacturing translucent constructions, we’ve set up our own manufacture of insulated glass units, mosquito nets (for windows and doors) and metal products (cills, canopies, battens).

For more information about our trademark, please call REHAU hot line 0 800 308 888

Full list of the products we manufacture is presented in the following sections.