In manufacture we use the following types of profile: REHAU Euro 60, REHAU Euro 70 and REHAU Brilliant Design. To have a better visual explanation of the differences between these systems, we’ve summed up their main characteristics in the comparison table:

Specifications of the profile system EURO 60 EURO 70 Brillant Desing
Drawing euro60  euro70   brd
Profile chambers: 3-chamber system    5-chamber system 5-chamber system
Note: the number of chambers is counted in the direction of warm air flow (left-to-right or right-to-left, one way)
Profile surface: smooth, homogeneous, easily to clean smooth, homogeneous, easily to clean    High-quality, smooth, homogeneous, easily to clean, GLAZED
Assembling depth: 60 mm 70 mm 70 mm

Maximum width of an insulated glass unit:
33 mm 41 mm 41 mm
Note: the width of an insulating glass unit is easily calculated based on the insulating glass unit formula, for instance, a 2-chamber 4-10-4-10-4 = 32mm, while other parameters, such as I-glass (4i), are not taken into account
Perfectly suits for: 
for windows and balcony doors, in multi-room houses, the optimal balance for keeping warmth and comfort  Increased energy efficiency (by 20%), for windows and balcony doors, for private constructing, in cottages    Improved energy efficiency, trendy system, for elite constructing, for a demanding client
Heat transfer resistance: 0,625 m2K/W 0,77 m2K/W 0,79 m2K/W
Note: the necessary heat transfer resistance coefficient of a window construction for the first, the coldest temperature zone of Ukraine, is clearly defined in DBN В.2.6-31:2006 “Constructions of Buildings and Structures. Heat Insulation for Buildings”, which came into force on 01.01.2008 and makes up 0.600 m2 K/W. Thus, the proposed systems fully comply with this requirement.
Noise insulation level: 41dB (up to noise insulation class 4) 43dB (up to noise insulation class 4) 43dB (up to noise insulation class 4)
For reference:
L,dB- Р,Pa – Perception characteristic
0 -0,00002- Hearing threshold
10-0,000063-Silence in mountains
50-0,006- Normal speech
87-0,45-Vacuum cleaner
93-0,9-Railway transport
120-20-Pain threshold
Width of a profile outer wall: 2,7 mm 2,7 mm 3 mm
Note: the thickness of the profile outer wall does not influence the heat transfer characteristics. A weld seam depends on it
Profile form:    Elegant look, 15% weld tilt Elegant look, 15% weld tilt Rounder forms, soft-design tendency (bigger rounding radius)
Entrance group:
 Full entrance group of 60 mm Full entrance group of 70 mm Full entrance group of 70 mm, with a system of lifting-sliding doors